Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh yeah. This place.

Fuck, I have a blog!?

Well, I'm as surprised as anyone else. It looks like I'll have to put some work into rejuvenating this place, starting with the description on the right. I'm 21 now, rather than 19, and that feels every inch as depressing as it sounds. I guess I've also put lie to that whole bit about my insatiable need to write down my thoughts on popular culture, considering it's been more than a year since I even acknowledged this place. When you've got a bigger gap between posts on your blog than news updates on Wintersun's website, you're doing the whole blogging thing wrong.

Anyone who's followed my blogging progress from my halcyon youth as a reviewer for through my vlogging period on Youtube to the present day (and if you fall into that category: hi, Donald!), you're probably starting to recognise a fits-and-starts pattern where I write furiously for a few weeks or months, only to quit in a huff when I fail to become the overnight web celebrity I know deep down I was born to be. I'd say it was my sincere intention to stick with it this time, come hell or high water, but that's the case every time to begin with, so I won't. I'll content myself then to say I hope to maintain a steady schedule of sharp and timely criticism and commentary on the raft of pop culture detritus on which I float through day-to-day life.

Oh, I also do an internet radio show now out of my student union. An hour a week, live from 11.00pm to 12.00 midnight GMT on Thursdays at I intend to mention this blog here on this week's show. If you happen to be brought here after this coming Thursday as a result of listening to my show, my past self greets you and hopes you appreciate the Escher-esque indefinite reccurance of self promotion.

So, what to talk about for my first post back? Maybe a martial arts movie...

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